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For decades, the EllJen team has brought sustainable solutions to many different vertical markets, including manufacturing, retail, medical, trucking, and construction.  Being on the frontline of digital transformation, EllJen is up to date on best practices and cutting-edge technologies necessary to deliver powerful solutions fast.  

Given the depth and breadth of experience of EllJen team members, there are very few business issues we have not encountered.  For most EllJen customers, return on investment is measured in months.  In fact, it is not uncommon for solutions that cost in the thousands to save in the millions.

Perhaps our greatest asset is our ability to tell you whether we can help.  One of our core tenets is this:

Neither we nor our customers benefit from projects that fail to yield expected results. And our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

The professional team at EllJen LTD has strong technical skills, derived from a combination of formal education (all members of our development team have advanced degrees) and work experience, and all have strong business skills. The result is a cost effective team that can provide technology  solutions to your most difficult problems.  

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1301 Smoketown Rd, Utica OH 43080

(740) 404-0729

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