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AgilePoint/UIPath Sales

As an AgilePoint and UIPath partner, EllJen is fully capable of guiding you to the license(s) that makes the most sense for your company. 


One approach to long-term low-code success is to have EllJen build your first few apps and then train your staff to maintain and develop new apps. This approach virtually eliminates the misfires and pitfalls that enterprises often experience when implementing a low-code and/or RPA development strategy on their own.

Application Development

If you don't want to dedicate people to app building, EllJen’s core business is custom application development. Every properly planned and developed AgilePoint or UiPath application yields rapid ROI.  


EllJen is the preeminent trainer operating in the AgilePoint ecosystem today, having trained hundreds of developers over the past 4 years. We have now added UiPath to our training offerings.  EllJen provides maximum flexibility, allowing  you to schedule training on-site or on-line, as your needs require.

Cheering Gamers

Our Services

EllJen is a full service, custom-app development and delivery shop, providing a range of services to meet your precise needs.

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