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What lives in your ecosystem?

Systems, applications, devices of all types, data, content . . . and people.

EllJen uses some of today's most advanced technology to make them work together seamlessly.

Building Robot

Technological diversity is a fact of life.

Today’s enterprises have more people in more places relying on more systems than ever before. Getting everyone and everything to work together efficiently is an enormous challenge. EllJen is here to help.  Using both AgilePoint NX, the Low-Code leader, and UiPath, the Robotic Process Automation leader, as platforms for digital transformation, EllJen can enable seamless interactions between systems and people that drive ROI and enhance the quality of life for your employees.

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What software do you rely on?

SAP or Oracle? NetSuite and Salesforce? SharePoint and Dynamics CRM? Maybe an older ERP system that no longer does what you need?  AgilePoint has one of the biggest libraries of connectors and adaptors in the industry, enabling integration, out of the box, with most of your major software systems and applications. And UiPath can access or place data into and out of virtually any existing software, freeing your staff from the drudgery of manual data entry and retrieval.  Using these advanced tools, EllJen can help you build your bottom line while making your business a great place to work.

What environments must you traverse?

Few if any organizations have made a full transition to the cloud. That means you almost certainly have to get on-premises-based systems and even legacy, custom applications to work with cloud native services, exposing data and content to people on a global scale. And simple functionality is just the beginning; orchestrating compelling user experiences is the real goal. Helping you reach that goal is what the team at EllJen is all about.

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What platform(s) do you use?

These days, it is not uncommon to find organizations that rely on software from various sources, developed over many years.  These legacy systems are often the most costly to replace.  EllJen can build custom apps that interact with these disparate systems to get or place data where it needs to be.

What devices must you support?

Mobility is a given these days. But it’s one thing to build simple mobile apps and another thing entirely to build enterprise-class business applications that power global operations and, yet, run seamlessly on mobile devices. Building and deploying such enterprise-class apps is EllJen's core competency. 

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EllJen—Bringing It All Together

AgilePoint NX is a beast of a platform that is leading the way into the inevitable No-Code/Low-Code future. UiPath leads the industry in Robotic Process Automation.  But harnessing all the power and sophistication that make AgilePoint and UIPath clear industry leaders take years of experience.  

EllJen, can build custom apps today and train your professional developers or "Citizen Developers" to take over app development over time.  We can get you up and running fast and provide you with fast, sure-fire ROI.

Your bottom line needs Elljen!

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